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MASSIVE TORCHS PARADE - final anniversary event


Stormhaven Studios
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Dear Community

I invite you all for a great social event to conclude our Anniversary event. This will be the occasion to all meet together for a long march and a gathering on Discord voice chat.

- Let's meet up at the Wall at 3pm CDT (10pm CET)
- Take your torches, your lanterns out and your turnip heads if you have any. Bring some Newhaven Wine or Ale.
- We will be walking from Northreach to Meadowlands. Wait for the group to load the zone
- We will run from Meadowlands to Redshore. Wait for the group to load the zone
- We will march from Redshore entrance to Redshore Beach. where we will trow fireworks, dance and drink Newhaven Wine
- Please, high level players, join the event too to protect the lower level players!

Let's have a beautiful last event to conclude the Free trial period and the Anniversary.