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Hot Fix March 5th


Stormhaven Studios
  • Fixed some NPC navigation issues in Grimstone Canyon
  • Fixed some prop issues in Newhaven Valley & Newhaven City
  • Fixed Sentinel's Alchemy II Resuscitate not healing all health (for real this time).
  • Fixed UI issue with the LFG level range inputs not being behind blocking panels
  • Fixed a client side exception that could cause the game & chat to become unresponsive.
  • Fixed torch texture emissions not being disabled in the day when the torch was snuffed.
  • Fixed an issue with keybind labels on the pouch & reagent pouch from not drawing on top of the slot frame.
  • Added Well Travelled Roads to Newhaven City
  • Added the red out of distance/range overlay to consumables such as Kunai
  • Buff/Debuff icon frames are now a static color. The countdown text is now colored blue/red depending on if it is a buff or debuff.
  • The time icon in the upper right now opens a time window (or a clock) that can be left open. Keybind for "Time Window" is unbound by default.
  • Fixed typo on Poplar Smoked Meat
  • Fixed issue with Smuggler Vik's animations.
  • Corrected stat bonuses on level 25 Manslayer Great Sword
  • Bloodrite weapons from Freehold are now considered legacy items.
  • Deeproot armors updated to be relic items.
  • Revenant's Reaver returned to include a +HIT component.
  • Increased spawn chance of Grimstone Marauder sub-types in Grimstone Canyon
  • Changed spawns to non-aggressive around Redshore Ridge Hallow.
  • Increased wilds density of Redshore Ridge
  • Increased spawn density around Grimstone Canyon Rat Nest Ruins.
  • Increased item category tiers for Forest of Madness rewards.
  • Adjusted the starting quest from Gustav.
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