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Map of Central Veins dungeon in Newhaven Valley (CV1)


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The third version is now ready.
It's hand made during adventuring so it's not 100% accurate. Let me know if you find errors.

Western section rotated 90 degrees (thanks Alice)
Mapped in Dungeon Scrawl (https://www.dungeonscrawl.com/). Tip 1: "Move" can be done via select + cut/paste. Tip 2: Always use "Fast draw" (view menu) during editing.


  • Central Veins dungeon in Newhaven Valley v3.2.png
    Central Veins dungeon in Newhaven Valley v3.2.png
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Hey this is pretty good. Considering the dungeon technically goes east to west simply turn it on its side.


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Same here! VERY impressed. The "very dangerous" icons are also very accurate. I can attest!


Dude if you keep doing this I will donate coin in game to you for your work.

@Undone do you think we would ever be able to import images for our own maps, or be able to add markers to existing ones in game?