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Lore Easter Eggs...

Ravenwolf Silvermoon

Active Member
Hello. Have found some Lore Easter Eggs here and there. Anyone have any for beta test build? The two (short bow and cross bow) still has the same lore description from Alpha test build. The Ancient Falchion is new, not much of lore description but maybe a start?
Anyone have similar items with lore description/writing on them? Example, armour, weapons, items, art on wall, symbol on ground, Ember totems/pillars with description/writing on it?

Maybe talked to some NPC guard here and there along the way. Some rumors they heard, be it trivial or some traveling NPC on the road with bits of info that doesn't make sense? Maybe...maybe someone in the tavern (when we get one lol) may know of something from the past?

Lore Easter Eggs 02.jpg