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Lore and Roleplay


I am trying to work within the games lore and consider ways to roleplay, and it seems we have 2 main venues open. Classic text based roleplay in which we can come up with short stories on events and happenings in game. Maybe a subforum for related stories, with each author having thread control? There is also Active roleplay in which 2 or more players act out something, I think any GM events would likely fall under this category. Most of the game is combat related, so maybe something with a combat theme? Maybe combine both styles? What do you all think?
I also enjoy engaging with content in games while roleplaying. I'd like to know if players are building anything in that direction, and more features in the game that support it would also be welcome.
Hey hey!
I will admit immeditely that I've not really organised anything specific for the RolePlay Community (yet) - We have some project with the team, but we did not had the time to put them into place yet.

However, I'm organising a now WEEKLY event on Sunday, the Fair Trade. This event serve first to trade, but also for Light Roleplay (By light RP, I mean, easy going, casual, light hearted roleplay that anyone can partake in, including non roleplayer. And obviously no offence if some players do not play along)
So I really would like to encourage you, if you are a roleplayer, to join that event, and add to it with your own stories. The settings are very simple: its the weekly Trade Fair of Newhaven. But this could evolve in something much bigger if the community is picking it!