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Longer term subscription options


New Member
I like this game a lot and will continue to play it.
But as I, like most gamers, pay for other online games, it's unlikely I will ever sign up for a recurring subscription.
I will be happy to pay for a month at a time as needed.
Which means when the monthly sub expires I will save money every time I don't immediately renew my sub.
I will certainly take subscritpion breaks and play other games while I can still play my main character on Embers Adrift.
And with this one option only subscription model, throughout a year's worth of time I am likely to end up paying for 6-8 months sub time at most.
I suggest adding a six month and one year subscription rate.
6 months for $50, and one year for $95.
It encourages players to commit longer term for tangible savings.
It benefits development with more up front revenue.
And overall, it will generate more revenue than less because month to month payments are never guaranteed to recur for six months or a year.
But six months or a year paid up front is revenue locked in.
In the mean time, one month at time with time off in between is okay with me.
But I like this game and want to see it continue to develop and succeed.
I believe more subscription options are part of the path to that success.
Heyhey! Thank you for your message. We would love to offer more options for our subscribers and give them the possibility to support us in different ways. It is however not possible for now. We depend from the service Digital Rivers.

What someone can do if they want to subscribe for several months in a row, is to purchase GameTime friends codes and apply those to their account. This does not give them a discount however.

Thank you for your support!