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List of current /Commands in game


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Here is a list of commands available in game

/who - shows who is in that zone
/who all - shows everyone logged into the game and their current zone
/time - shows the date/time in game as well as your local date/time This is now attached to your chat box it appears as a globe icon hover over it to see the time, date, season in game. Does not show your local time.
/report - opens a text window for you to describe the broken thing you found and report it to the devs. also logs the location data automatically with your report so make sure you use it WHERE the broken thing is or where it happened.
/stuck - for use when your character becomes stuck, it will move you over just a lil bit, hopefully it gets you unstuck.
/played - tells you how much time you have played that character
/roll - rolls the dice and generates a random 1-100 number
/Emote - makes text like this for role play
/listobjectives - Since we do not have a quest log yet use this to see your quest objectives.

You may also use commands to switch where you would like to chat

- zone chat
/global - all zones chat (temporary)
/local - like zone chat but only players near you can see it
/group - chat with your group
/tell - private chat to another player (like this /tell Alice) press R to reply to your last incoming tell no / required. does not work if you have the text bar active.
- puts text in red caps in zone chat.

More chat shortcuts

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/r or reply to tell
/g for group chat to replace or in addition /group
/gu for future guild chat
/l for local group chat to replace or in addition to /local


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It's not a slash command. It's keybound to r. I'm assuming for reply. I still cannot get used to it. I type /r and nothing happens, then I cannot simply type r without moving or taking the focus from chat. Clumsy.


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/tell - private chat to another player press R to reply to your last incoming tell no / required. does not work if you have the text bar active.


I like how blizzard did it. Makes more sense to me and it's easy to use.
/s, p, g, r, y, e... and numbers for specified channel like trade or general /1, /2, /3, /4 ....