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Linux Version


A while ago or much in the past there was a Linux version of Embers Adrift on the back burner. Is that no longer the case or something long term from now that might still be in play?
Can't remember the details, but if you search the forums there's a response from Undone somewhere.
I've been looking for a Linux version of Embers Adrift! I recently upgraded my system, and I'm ready to dive into some new games. It's a shame if the Linux version is no longer being developed, but I'm hoping it's still in the works.By the way, I heard that CentOS 7 is reaching its end of life soon, so I guess it's time for me to upgrade too. I found this website called TuxCare that offers extended support for CentOS 7, so I might give that a try. Have you heard of it? Here's the link to the source: https://tuxcare.com/extended-lifecycle-support/centos-7-extended-support/ .
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Hi folks! Just wanted to let you know that I just put out an experimental native Linux client here. Please share your experience with it and how it runs compared to the efforts you've put in here.