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Leveling issues beyond design


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I'm a knight main playing on EU time in the early 20 range. I enjoy the game world as well as the combat in Ember's and the players seem friendly enough. But leveling is a problem, and not just by design. Between the mob difficulty and the low xp gains a group is obviously the intended and best choice. If you can get one. It can be a challenge to find a group in my timezone. But even when I put myself out there and try to get into groups I get turned down. 'We already have a tank/ offtank/ proxy tank' 'Not a dps class''Level too low/ high'. It's weird to me that so many players complain on the discord & forums about getting groups to do activities but when players actively want to fill slots then they turn them down. It makes me pretty upset because at this point I don't see my character being able to progress any further. I'm sure that there are people who will read this and knitpick or assume I'm doing something wrong, but at this point I think that either the levelling progression needs to change or the player priorities need to shift.

TLDR: Having a hard time levelling up and getting a group is painful, just not by design.

P.S.: I don't plan on responding to this thread as I don't want to be drawn into a debate, I just wanted to get it off my chest :(.
Thats why my strategy is to play my striker variant when I log in, and swap to the tank (or healer) when a group becomes available.
Just what I do for what it's worth.

But yeh, it is difficult as just a tank.
I don't live in Euroland so take this with a grain of salt, but sometimes there's too many tanks, sometimes too many supporters, and sometimes too many dps. It seems to rotate/randomize every now and again (at least when I'm on).

For your problem specifically, I can't tell you exactly but it might just be distribution: if there are 6 tanks, 3 dps, and 3 support, that in theory is two full groups but in reality you will likely get two groups with 2 tanks and some combo of the remaining support and dps, with both groups shouting , "LFM dps or support" while 2 tanks could be perfectly viable there but the groups won't touch them.

Some people/groups don't mind 3 (or even 4) tanks, but some people are hard-wired for the WoW distribution e.g. 1 tank, 1 support, 4 dps.