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Let's build a friendly community! - a word from Elloa

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Stormhaven Studios
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Dear drifters,

Before everything, I would like to personally thank all the players that have been acting kindly towards each other, that have contributed to make new players feel welcomed, that offer their help in the chat or on Discord, that offer their time or in-game resources to other players. To all of you who have shown kindness, compassion, generosity and friendship, THANK YOU. This is exactly what we want to create with Embers Adrift, a place where everyone can relax, escape IRL difficulties and spend some good times together.

However, since the game launched, I’ve witnessed an increase in unfriendly behaviors, self entitlement, toxicity, anger, sarcasm, direct griefing and other behaviors that create an unpleasant or hostile atmosphere. This is not something we want to see in the game. Whilst some games tolerate toxicity and unpleasantness, this is not something we will tolerate here.

Each and everyone of us are going through enough challenges in our everyday lives. We know enough suffering, anger, pain, heartache, stress, loss and so forth to add unpleasantness in a video game. This is a place of relaxation and escapism for everyone. Regardless of our differences, we are all equal, and we deserve the same amount of respect and consideration.

This is the type of behavior I want to promote in this community:

- Treat each other with kindness and compassion and if you can not do that, atleast, stay neutral, respectful and polite. That’s the bare minimum.
- Play fair. Leave everyone the space to enjoy themselves. Cheating, griefing, stealing, being a selfish jerk has no place here. (And remember: just because you can do something in the game doesn’t mean you should).
- Be patient and understanding. Remember that we are gathering different players, different playstyle, different degrees of awareness, skills or knowledge of the game. Everyone has the same right to enjoy the game.
- Communication is key. A lot of misunderstandings come from a lack of communication. When playing with others, try to communicate clearly what your expectations are, especially while playing with PUGS. If it’s your group, it's your rules, but you need to share those rules so everyone knows what to expect.
- Respect everyone’s right to express their opinion as long as it’s expressed respectfully. Don’t reply with toxicity. Either ignore it or reply respectfully.
- Do not make assumptions and do not think the worst immediately. Ask for explanations before coming to conclusions. I’ve seen too many cases already of people wrongly accused of griefing, whilst they were just distracted or unaware.

The team at Stormhaven Studio is currently organizing to moderate misbehavior, toxicity, griefing and cheating much more firmly. We are also working on a PLAY NICE POLICY, so everyone will know what type of behaviors are frowned upon. However, I want to kindly remind you that the more we have to deal with players' disputes and bad behavior, the less time we have to focus on what really matters: creating a great game for everyone to enjoy.
Dealing with these kinds of cases, not only costs time, but also energy and focus that could be invested better elsewhere. It also forces us to take measures against bad behavior that sometimes alternate the original plans with the game. Which is sad, honestly.

So, let’s work together to create a pleasant space for everyone to enjoy! Let’s be respectful, play fair, and be friendly to other players. It is in all of our best interest!

Much love to all!

- Elloa
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