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BETA TEST July 6th; what's new?


Stormhaven Studios
Our next stress tests are scheduled for:
Wed. July 6th @ 8pm central
(Thurs. July 7th @ 1am UTC)
The developers will meet in Discord and test for approximately one hour. However, the servers will remain open for roughly 4 hours. The most up-to-date client can be retrieved via the patcher found on your account page.

What's new?
This week is a bit light on the content side due to the recent July 4th weekend. The client, server, and team has been fully migrated to Unity 2021 which means we can start taking advantage of some new features in the coming weeks.

REMINDER: the servers will be open for 4hrs Wednesday evening. The servers will open again on Friday @ 12pm central and close on Tuesday at 12pm central. See events in Discord for timezone translations.

Bug fixes / improvements:
  • Tech
    • Updating engine to the latest minor revision.
    • Updating terrain shader version.
    • Reducing weight of head look IK to reduce character neck strain when looking down.
    • Slightly reducing experience gain from very low level greens.
    • Reagent bonuses will now properly apply to Warlord's Open Wound ability triggers.
  • UI:
    • Fix crafting previews showing the wrong item when not enough components are present.
    • Adding an option to disable tooltips for abilities on your action bar.
    • Negative stats from Chitin armor will no longer show two negative signs.
  • Design:
    • Arrows and Bolts now have a required role assigned for clarity
    • Fixing issues with mushroom oil not being usable in recipes
    • Stamina regen no longer pauses while gathering, crafting, or using consumables.
New stuff:
Position indicator is now in color!
The position indicator on your offensive target's nameplate is now color coded based on your primary weapon's position bonuses. If you are at a position where you are receiving the maximum bonus the arrow will be blue, if you are at a position where you receive the minimum bonus it will be red, and if you are neither of those that means you are in the middle and it will be yellow. This should serve as a subtle reminder and help you take better advantage of your positional bonuses.

Works in progress:
  • Zones:
    • 3x additional overland zones have had an initial art pass completed
      • Grizzled Peaks - accessed via Highlands, Redshore, and Gorge. Mountainous region with a number of tunnels. High level range (40-50). Has a one-way exit to Newhaven North. This is the snow capped mountains you can see from Redshore.
      • Highlands - accessed via Meadowlands. Hilly region with sparse vegetation and water features. Mid level range (approx 30-40, likely to come after Redshore and Grizzled)
      • Gorge - accessed via Dryfoot. Large canyon-like area. Mid level range (approx 30-40, likely to come after Redshore and Grizzled)
    • Newhaven City: initial art pass has been completed for some time. We are now starting internal testing for a limited area. We will be moving bank, crafting stations, merchants, etc into this zone at some point in the near future.
    • Dungeons: prefab reorg is complete. World building team is currently revamping their layouts to work with the new prefabs. The Newhaven dungeon has been delivered; the next step is adding the spawn templates.
  • NPCs: Most NPCs have been converted to a "universal" model that includes the base + ashen variants. This brings us one step closer to getting the ashen variants in the game. They are currently awaiting a VFX and lighting pass. We also need to address the design aspects of how these creatures are implemented and introduced to the player.
  • Quests: a number of quests are in the queue for implementation/testing. Quest data structure and internal tooling is currently being reworked.
  • Tech: npc improvements, npc merchants.
  • UI: quest dialog redesign, tooltip improvements
  • New clothing & armor is still in the works.
  • Crafting TODO list (to be implemented soon):
    • quality determines the final durability
    • more organized recipe merchants
    • crafting & harvesting specializations

Reagent Upgrade System (timeline: 1-2 weeks?)
Ember essence collection and spending is next up on the docket of things to do after getting the new dungeons up and running. The first step for getting this in will be allowing you to collect ember essence, which will be followed by spending ember essence on ember monoliths, reagent upgrades, etc.

Known Issues:
  • Terrain textures have a bit too much tiling. This will be resolved shortly.
  • Character creation & editing camera on Apple Silicon MacOS is bugged. I isolated the issue and submitted a bug report with Unity (still waiting to hear back).
  • Not all ember rings and/or POIs are proper map discoveries. This is especially true in Dryfoot, Dryfoot Stronghold, and Redshore. Discoveries and map uncovering is a WIP and will be revisited soon.
  • Deconstructing crafted items returns junk 100% of the time.
  • cannot roll on loot while unconscious
  • not all clothing/armor has visuals
  • Dragging a group-nameplate in the group window will set the wrong pivot point for the group window and the whole thing will drag a bit weird.
  • typing chat text may occasionally become invisible. unfocus your chat window and trying again a few times typically resolves this.
  • Sometimes when you respawn you don't end up at the proper Ember Ring --> if this happens please report the position where you died via the "/report" command or "/debugposition" (if using debugposition you'll need to paste the value here)
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You gotta be Chiten me.
Hello. Great job on the patches. Cant wait to see the new stuff later. Will find out in game what changes were and how they are now. Too bad about the Greens. Did like eating my Greens as part of every meal, helps you grow.