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Hot Fix July 4th


Stormhaven Studios
Happy Independence Day to all of our American friends!
  • Fixed: dead targets will no longer be hailed
  • Fixed: spider web effect now considers movement debuff resists
  • Fixed: prevent "Sheath Weapons after Combat" from sheathing your weapons if you are currently executing an ability
  • Fixed: prevent portable crafting station from being deployed in Newhaven City
  • Fixed: blank dialogue issues with Cintya
  • Fixed: quest logs potentially not updating if the category was collapsed
  • Updated logic to social list updates to help clear up and track down lingering social issues.
  • Removed "Center Self" ability from any Marshall's who had it. This ability was depreciated shortly after launch and was never meant to be available to players. This impacts very few characters.
  • Highlands:
    • Fixed: monolith cost issues
    • Fixed: stuck spots
    • Fixed: removed problematic ladders
    • Fixed: cleaned up some ore spawning on the road
    • Vegetation adjustments/cleanup.

Custom Chat Colors
Custom chat colors are now possible! Currently this is done via editing a text file, but at some point in the future will be moved to in game UI elements. We are implementing a more technical approach first to get it into your hands a bit quicker. To take advantage of this you will need to add a new file to the StreamingAssets folder. This folder is located in the following spots for the different platforms:
  • Windows: "<launcher directory>\client\live\Embers Adrift_Data\StreamingAssets"
  • MacOS: you will first need to right click on the launcher and select "Show Package Contents", then navigate to "client\live" where you will see the Embers Adrift app. Right click that app and again select "Show Package Contents". Now navigate to "Contents/Resources/Data/StreamingAssets"
  • Linux: "<launcher directory>/client/live/Embers Adrift_Data/StreamingAssets"
To avoid any permission issues I recommend you create this new file in your documents/desktop first and then copy it to the appropriate spot. The file name should be "chatColors.json" and the default contents are as follows:
The first item in quotes is the channel name and the second item is the hex color (a good spot to find hex color codes). Create this file and then copy it to your "StreamingAssets" folder. I recommend keeping a backup of this file elsewhere (i.e. documents) as it may be deleted during patching by the launcher. If this file is present when the game launches then the custom colors will be parsed from it. If you modify the file while the game is open you will need to run the chat command "/reloadchatcolors" to re-parse the file and update the colors.

A few quick notes:
  • If a channel is missing from the file it will fall back to the default for that color
  • If the parsing fails for the entire file it will use default colors
  • If the parsing fails for a single color it will be skipped
  • If the file does not exist then "/reloadchatcolors" will print the expected file location to your chat window
  • The "/reloadchatcolors" command will indicate how many colors it successfully parsed in your chat window.
  • When parsing colors we account for hex colors prepended with # so feel free to include those if it is easier.
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