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Is there a mandrake Tea recipe Dev please respond

I have been farming Mandrakes for 3days now, is there even a mandrake recipe, have gained 139% exp on 2
chevron green mandrakes, some info froom a dev would be apriecated.
Been at mandrakes for hours and hours now, got 100s of Mandrake fibre and leaves, not a single Mandrake recipe. This includes many cycles of ashen too.
I never said I got the recipe lmao, I found that one on discord. You asked if it existed and I showed you a picture, no idea why you got so hostile about it.
We have found Tea Recipe, Mandrake Bow String and Mandrake cloth recipe.

Have never seen or heard of anyone finding a recipe to process the leaves into the tea or the Mandrake thread recipe.

Unsure if they are in the loot drop table.

where did you find those mandrake recipies?, if we is that we a guild let me know name of guild so i can as to make said items, also I have yet to see any item made on the trade tab, so unless answer ? or your Trolling
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