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Is guild chat creating a negative impression on new players?


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First off let me say that I am part of an extremely small guild so I could be way off base here but please hear me out.

The reason I ask this question is that it seems to be fairly uncommon to see players talking about their adventuring exploits in game or the big boss they killed or just stuff happening in the game in general in world chat. Now going by what I have experienced in other games most guild chats are very active by the players in the guild discussing all kinds of things happening in the game. Since the new players cannot see these conversations, it makes the game feel a bit dead and as if no one is playing. I am not saying to stop using guild chat because it definitely has it's uses but it would be nice to see more active conversations about the game and what's happening in it.

I still get a kick out of seeing players coming together to kill Misha and even more so if they pronounce proudly, they did it in world chat. Even better if they give a brief description of the fight! I enjoy seeing descriptions of other players accomplishments in the game.

What are your thoughts about this and what can we do to make the world chat more lively so the newer players at least before they join a guild know that there are indeed players out there doing awesome things?