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Bug Incorrect Who Result

is this a bug?


If a /who is supposed to limit results to players in the same zone, there's a bug with the command. It seems to match on partial area names, not the same/exact area name, or possibly players in all EVs not just the one you're in.

See attached screenshot.

It's a minor issue but figured it should be reported nonetheless.


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  • ea-who-bug.JPG
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I think the way it's set is very nice. It helps you figure out which EV has a group running and can be avoided so you can do other EV's.
However it's supposed to work, either the command's help output should be updated or the functionality should be changed so they match. Worst case is how it is now where what is described is not the actual behavior.

With regard to your suggestion, I suppose it makes sense at low player counts, but if/when there are 100+ players in EV's, that output is going to get truncated (cuts off at 99) and it won't produce a helpful result.