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Imbued stuff I can craft


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Last Updated: Feb 14th, 2023
Only imbued recipes are listed.

MarcusFromOz (Hunter, Outfitter, Tinkerer)
Lean Leather: Boots, Gloves, Helm, Spaulder, Belt
Linen: Cloth gloves, Pants, Hood
Copper: Dagger
Malachite: Necklace, Ring
Light Leather: Spaulder, Gloves
Cotton: Light Pants
Turquoise: Necklace

WeeMarcusFromOz (Forester, Provisioner, Woodworker)
Pine: Crossbow, Shortbow
Cedar: Crossbow

OldMarcusFromOz (Prospector, Weaponsmith, Armoursmith)
Copper: GreatAxe, Hatchet, Mace, Maul, ShortSword, Longsword
Copper: Cuirass, Faulds, Greaves, Helm, Pauldron, Vambrace
Tin: GreatSword, ShortSword, CurvedSword
Tin: Faulds, Greaves, Helm, Pauldron, Cuirass, Vambrace
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