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A miracle

Nobody could say exactly when the Ember Ring appeared by the side of the road - it was just suddenly there.
And it developed into a popular resting place for travellers and adventurers.

Humble beginnings

One day, a woodworker began to build a modest log cabin for herself near the Ember Ring.
A hunter also wanted to settle down and asked the woodworker to build a log cabin for him as well - in return, he promised to go hunting in the nearby forest.
Soon more cabins were built, the beginning of a small settlement.

A proper village

More and more people began to settle and the place soon grew into a proper village.
Provisioners began to plant small gardens and grow vegetables.
A blacksmith set up shop and began to make tools for home and garden cultivation.
A jetty was built on the nearby lake and woodworkers began to build small boats - canoes and sailing crafts - for the fishermen.
An outfitter began supplying the residents with clothing.
A regular weekly market was organised.


The young settlement not only attracted the attention of travellers, traders, craftsmen and new citizens, but also of the inhabitants of an exile settlement in the mountains.
At first there were only isolated attacks on travellers or break-ins, but soon the sporadic attacks turned into targeted, well-organised raids.
In return the citizens organised themselves into an armed vigilante group.
A palisade was built around the village.

The raid

It was one of those pitch-black nights when you could barely see your own hands when the horn sounded.
"Exiles! We are under attack. To arms!"
The inhabitants gathered in the centre of the village, armed and ready.
They had rehearsed this over and over again, they were prepared.
But this raid was worse than all the others before.
Still, the residents knew what they were fighting for - everyone stood up for each other, they were - literally - fighting back to back.

The morning after

Many residents were seriously injured that night and some houses burned down after being set on fire by the attackers.
The shock was deep-seated.
Some residents had only just managed to save their bare skin - but otherwise had lost everything.
But no one thought of giving up - instead everyone showed grim determination. Now more than ever!
They set to work together and soon new houses were built in the place of the burnt-down ones.
Life went on.


This is just my imagination running wild with the idea of a new zone that is, to a considerable extent, shaped by player action - a frontier-style housing zone.
Extended professions with woodworkers being able to build houses, boats, furniture, provisioners being able to plant gardens, etc.
A settlement built, shaped and organised entirely by players.
Exile raids, natural disasters and other possible events.

Yes, it's unlikely to happen - but one can dream...