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Idea for Character Customization - Attribute and Ability Points


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I have no clue how technically feasible this would be, but I'm sure it'll be easy for Undone.

Characters are currently very much railroaded to all be exactly the same (maybe this changes a bit with Alchemy, regardless, I think this would be a good addition to the game).

Awarding Attribute and Ability Points:
At level 1 (character creation) you are awarded 3 attribute points.
At level 2 you are awarded 1 ability point.
Level 3, 3 attribute points.
Level 4, 1 ability point.
etc. etc. etc.

The Attribute points are awarded at each odd level and you earn 3 points that may be spent however you choose, as long as you are using 1 point per category of Stats, Combat, Resists (hence 3). These 3 points (again, 1 per category) can be distributed any way a player see's fit with no restrictions. So say someone wanted to always put their point for STATS on Movement. At level 50, that person would have a base Movement skill of +25. (Seems like a waste of skill to put them there, but hey, it's their character they can do what they want)

The Ability points are awarded at each even level and you earn 1. Ability points can be spent by visiting your class trainer (or if you under level 6, visit a normal trainer) and to spend the ability point you must also pay both in coin and flux. (level 1-9 viscous flux, 10-19 thick, 20-29 dense etc. etc.). You can choose to assign the ability point to ANY skill you have, and in doing so that skill is increased by 2% of all of it's base capabilities. You can do this a total of 10 times for any ability. So in the end you could potentially have an ability that is 20% stronger than what it would normally be at it's base. A person could pick and choose doing different abilities the whole way, or they could max 2 abilities (i.e. the total of 10 times per ability) and still have the option to work on other abilities 5 times.

Allowing this type of customization would really change the game and play styles of every class. You could have a Warden who really focuses on heals, or a Warlord who really focuses on DPS, or a Knight that really focuses on protection, or a Jugg who really focuses on DPS, but it still give every person an option to really customize how they want to play within, what is currently a pretty restrictive class structure.