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Embers Adrift

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I love this Game!

Dear Devs & Embers Team!

I want to say big thx to you :) I have a blast with your Game and love it very much!

A few Days before the Free to play i bought and subbed your Game to test it. I was so much hoping for an Old Scool Social Game with a lot of Friends that i can find there.
Im a German talking guy and my english is not the best. First i thought i would skip Embers Adrift because of the missing localization.
Now im so happy that i give it a shot. The days i played since that was so much fun! I have a full friendslist and find everytime players to group up.

What i want to say is, stay on your Path! That this Game is hard...sometimes Cluncky and unforgiving is the reason why i play it.
All Voices that beg for faster leveling and faster Combat easier Gameplay dont really know the old days experience.

Big big thx for your Game! I really love it...and i will support it a long time im sure!
Many thanks for your kind words and encouragements! I have been reading your post on the Community Show.
Whilst we are very aware that our game need more work, more polish, more content, more features, it is very heart warming when players share their love of the game!