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I had fun on a quest.


I had an amazing experience tonight. I completed a quest solo that was obviously meant for a group. It was hard, frustrating, and at some points seemed impossible, but I persisted and when I completed the objective I was filled with a satisfaction and euphoria that I have not felt in at least a decade from accomplishing something in an mmo.

The quest sent me to the Blighted Colony in Highland Hills. I needed 2 items from deep inside. I tried just running in but that wasnt going to work, the area was SWARMING with yellow 3chevs.

So I did what you do when any quest in any game starts to be challenging, I went looking for help. I tried wikis, youtube, many google searches, and there was NOTHING. I couldnt even get an answer from my desperate pIeas to world chat. I was on my own. The only help I would get would be from the quest text and quest log.

I went into Stealth Mission mode. I scouted every entry point. Probed for weaknesses. Learned guard pathing. I spotted a chest on a raised platform, that had to be it! I tried again and again, using every trick and skill available to me. I was shouting and cursing up a storm. After a well timed jump from a cliff and dodging 5 guards, I was able to sneak in and grab it and then sneak out the back. Same thing for item number 2.

It felt great, I had done the impossible, and on the long run to the turn in I was chanting “IM A NINJA!” over and over. And I did it all without dying. Fun quest, 10/10.

Thank you Embers Adrift.
Great job team.