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How Close Can You Get?

Wow, what a story! I was able to sneak up behind one of the Wraiths...
wraith behind.jpg

And then KILL it!
It dropped three different items that the locals said were Legendary:

8 ~ The Infinity Ember Stone
== ~ some type of Deer Hooves
D ~ bowl of Bear Urine

Legend states that when these are combined, they create the Deathly Hallows (making you master of death), or the Happy Fun Wand (making you master of fun). The story was a little fuzzy here... Either way, it should be exciting!

8==D ~ master of something
I have gotten closer to them in Alpha. These are the closest I have been in beta, but I do have something I want to try next time....

Hello. Thought they have an automatic radius or proximity coding? Regardless how close one can get, they disappear if you get to said point, from mouse view, scrolling view, to keyboard advancement?
yeah, it is a set limit, but it use to feel like you could get different results. Not so now though. It seems pretty consistent. Maybe it was lag but it didn't always seem like the same distance even if it was suppose to. Now, it does.