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Feedback Health Potion Blocking Problem

is this feedback?


I don't know whether this is a bug or intended behavior, so I've flagged this as just feedback. However, it really feels like it's bug-like behavior given the severity of the consequences.

A stack of Potions of Unnatural Growth are given as a quest reward by Rowan Oak in Redshore. When this potion is consumed and active, it blocks the use of all health potions for its duration (5m). I presume this is because this potion has both the UtilityConsumable flag and the HealthPotion flag on it, which strikes me as a mistake.

Obviously, 5 minutes is a very long time to be without health potions and the 3 health per 3s boost given by this potion simply isn't enough to compensate for that loss. I don't know if this item is craftable, but in its current form, it is both useless and dangerous because you can enter combat not realizing it has blocked the use of health potions ... for a full 5 minutes.

There also is no notification given as to why your health potions stop working, and this should at minimum be addressed whenever there's a conflict of any kind blocking the activation of a consumable/skill/whatever.


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I had this happen to me yesterday in Misty Grove. That said, this potion probably saved my life a couple times in there. It definitely took me a few minutes to piece together why my health pots weren't working.
Ah, sorry about this. Health Regen potions are essentially Slow Acting Health Potions, but in other parts of the game have durations shorter than the cooldown of health potions so it's not an issue.

A message is presented above the character in worldspace, although a bit obscure "Will not take hold" because we see you have an active Health Potion effect already.

This potion is unique however and I think removing the Health Potion flag makes sense, I will get that fixed for the next patch. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.