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Bug Guild ranks move up and down in hierarchy on their own, Guild Master title keeps reverting.

is this a bug?


Active Member
Greetings! I've noticed over the past couple of days that my guild ranks keep moving up and down the list of ranks on their own. The title of the Guild Master rank also keeps reverting from anything I set it to, back to Guild Master.

Yesterday, most of my guild ranks seemed out of order. I put them back in the desired order. Then again today, one rank was above the rank that it should have been below. I have now put it back where desired.

Elders suggested in /h that I report this issue here and on the Discord help channel. Let me know if you need anything further from me to aid with this report.

Character name: Sadrith
Guild Name: Sons of Solclaim
I am the only one with Edit Guild Ranks permission.
Thanks for reporting this. I've started digging into this but have yet to determine the cause. This will have to be an ongoing investigation interspersed with other work, but it's on my radar. Hopefully this issue isn't too disruptive in the meantime.