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Getting started with QA

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Stormhaven Studios
The QA server will serve as a testing ground for new content and ideas before they make their way to live. The general idea is to bring the QA servers up Wednesday afternoon and leave them on through Thursday evening so that we can collect feedback from the community.

Downloading the QA client
To do this, simply open your launcher and change the Build from Live --> QA, select "Change Client", then hit Update.

This will download the QA client into a completely separate directory (<launcher directory>\client\qa) so you do not have to worry about messing up your live install. To swap back to live simply change the build menu from QA --> Live.

How do I know I'm on QA?!
On a weekly basis we will be copying over your characters from live. This includes all characters, bank, guilds, friend lists, etc. Since your characters on QA will be clones of their Live counterparts it can be confusing as to which client you have open at any given time. To help you tell them apart there are a few key indicators showing that you are on QA and not Live.

The first of which is that in the upper right corner of QA clients you will find the platform, branch, build number, and date shown at all times:

Once you log in you should also be greeted with a message welcoming you to the QA server:

Finally, the message of the day at login should mention QA as well:

What do I test?
Each week we will put up QA patch notes indicating what changes and content need to be tested. If you have any questions feel free to ask on the forums or discord.

How do I test?
We have made available a new zone called the Quartermaster's Alcove (QA for short) which can only be accessed while on the QA server. Within this zone you will find table merchants with the appropriate items required for the test on that week. Those items may be level appropriate abilities, recipes, leveling potions, mundane gear, and/or consumables to outfit your character.

The zone can be accessed via the sewers in Newhaven City. Just click on one of the drainage grates and you should be good to go.

Currently there are a few caveats you should know about on QA. First is that there is no easy method of fast travel outside of the monolith system. This is something we may address in the future but for now you'll have to use your ember essence. Secondly, in order to learn a new spec you'll have to complete the appropriate quest, and then drink another leveling potion to boost the spec.

Will my character progress be saved?
No. Character changes from QA will never make their way back to live. Live-->QA is a one way trip for these clones.
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