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Gear & Crafting for Warlord


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Hail and well met, all.

I'm really digging my Warlord, and plan to go "all in" on him.


So... not being really "into" crafting, I'm planning to pick up the three harvesting options. Is that viable? I figure that I can provide mats to a crafter to make the gear I need? Any advice on whether or not there's a preferred order in which to select my harvesting professions based on the gear I'll need as Ievel?
Gear... what gear will I need, (type, stat priority, etc)?

Extended Version:

Surprisingly, my Warlord solos better than my Warden, (thus far at lv 10 only anyway), despite folks, including Elloa, saying the Warden would solo better, (I suppose this could change in later levels).

Why? Yes, the Warden does kill faster, but has significantly more down time than the Warlord due to his HoT and Stam Regen songs.

Currently my Warden has to rest every 2 - 3 mobs, (mostly blue, sometimes white ^). The Warlord can go 4 - 6 before resting, and even when he does rest, running those songs while resting, drastically decreases the time I spend on my butt, lol.

Plus, with Fear CC now at lv 10, my Warlord rarely has to deal with an add... but the Warden does, and either gets the snot beat out of him, necessitating an even longer rest, or having to run, and maybe die.

So XP over time, thus levels over time, is faster on the Warlord. I get a level on one switch to the other, (same area, same mobs), and my Warlord seems to level a good 15+ minutes faster than my Warden.

Plus, I dare say with some CC, buffs, healing, and especially CRACK... er... sorry... Stam Regen... he's potentially a bigger asset to a group, (maybe?).
Any insight is greatly appreciated.
I appreciate the post! I'm currently trying to decide between Warlord and Duelist but I'm definitely leaning toward Warlord
I think... operative word being "think"... the solo ability difference of Stam Regen at least, will also apply vs a Duelist.

At least though a Duelist can heal in combat and out... stam regens naturally faster white resting than HP does, so I still think the overall downtime for a Duelist woud be less than a Striker.

The Duelist is the better group healer, and the only class with a group heal; technically the Warlord's HoT is group-wide, but it's not a true heal.

I would just rather add some more group utility via CC and buffs, (especially the Stam Regen), as well as taking some strain off the Main Healer via my HoTs, than to simply/mostly heal, (Duelist).

If you haven't done so yet, read this thread for a Duelist's guide... it also offers some insight vs a Sentinel and vs a Warlord.

Good luck, take care.
Thanks for the feedback!
I was also struggling between the duelist and warlord decision, but I decided to go Warlord anyway, so it's nice to hear some nice feedback for it.
I believe that for group utilities Wardlord is better that other supports, even if the healing may be not as good as Duelist - but at a first look at the skill (at least from the game tooltip, I did not study much!) it seems that could heal pretty well anyway.
Once you get the 38 aoe as a WL - it changes your preferred gear when using it. Haste and stam regen plus some hit for crits will allow you to AOE mobs at will. Situational of course as you are still a healer but secondary healer or in the right group you can actually do some major damage.
Why? Yes, the Warden does kill faster, but has significantly more down time than the Warlord due to his HoT and Stam Regen songs.

I'm not saying you're doing this but I notice so many wardens use dots on mobs with only a small amount of health left.

In fact I notice a lot of people just spam abilities and not thinking tactically. Yes there some situations where you need a mob dead as soon as possible, but there are plenty of times you can save your big abilties and therefore the sta by waiting a few more seconds for either auto-attack or a lower sta ability to come off cooldown. Regardless of whether I'm playing my warden, duelist or marshal I find I'm rarely out of sta except on extended might with 3+ mobs.

Playing like this is also easier on reagents. As you're saving sta you can use ablities more often and therefore don't always need the effect of a reageant on an ability. Unless I have an abundance of a particular type I tend to toggle them on/off during combat as I feel it is needed.