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Gathering tools and its recipes


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Does anyone know where in particular it is available to get recipes?
I know, that copper axe and copper skinning knife recipes can be obtained from Smuggler Woodsman in Newhaven Valley and Northreach.
Tin Axe and tin sickle recipes can be also obtained from Scavengers in Northreach.
Tin skinning knife recipe I saw inside the chest in Aquifer.
And I have never seen imbued pickaxe recipe. I guess mobs in Exiles dungeon in Northreach named "Prospector" can drop it but I am not sure
I assume you're always referring to the imbued variant, as the normal variant is available from merchants - or has that changed since the thread was created?

I know that Exile Woodsmen can be found in the north-east of Northreach, but where can I find Smuggler Woodsmen and Scavengers in Northreach?
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The Exile Woodsmen ^ and ^^ varieties were found near the ember pillar on the west side during the night. A very random drop, like most, so you could kill dozens and not have that happen again.