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Frenzied Armor

Ravenwolf Silvermoon

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Hello. Ran into some Frenzied animals while gathering animal carcasses, found 4 Frenzied. Frenzied Quillback, Frenzied Doe, Frenzied Stag (Twice), and Frenzied Shoat. This took around 3-4, did not find the Frenzied Bear. As for the item drops, its all random, even on the same Frenzied type.
Frenzied Animals 02.jpg

The next day, was with a group of fellow beta testers, we encountered 4 Frenzied animals while gathering carcasses. All dropped 3 belts and 1 necklaces. Even found the Frenzied Bear.
Frenzied Bear 02.jpg
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Please tell me we aren't going to go from zone to zone finding the same mobs but with different names and higher levels?