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Free Trial Instruction - Try Embers Adrift for Free


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Free Trial:

Come and join our Free to Play Trial in Embers Adrift! Play as long as you want in our Trial Areas and see how our MMORPG brings classic MMORPG style into the modern MMO market. Don’t forget to get a group and head into the Central Veins dungeon for a memorable experience!

In our unique fantasy world you can experience a brand new adventure in a totally new world of discovery and still have the familiar feelings of older MMORPGs you may have played before. Our magic system, called Alchemy, is not just accessible to one or two classes, but all players get access to the magic system as they level up. Choose from 3 classic archetypes (tank, DPS, and support), and then 9 specializations branching from those at level 6!

Our friendly and helpful community is waiting for you! Come and see how different our community is compared to other communities you may have experienced.


Instructions on joining the game:

1. First go to the forums and make an account: https://forums.embersadrift.com/index.php
2. Once you register an account and confirm your email, head to the account page: https://www.embersadrift.com/Account
3. Then, once logged in and on your account page, please scroll down and select a client to download, shown below:​
We also have an experimental LINUX client that can be found here: https://forums.embersadrift.com/index.php?threads/native-linux-client-experimental.3983/

Thank you for your interest in our indie MMORPG your support means so much to us! We hope you enjoy the game. Please take your time, read and learn from the NPCs, and enjoy the journey!

Happy Hunting!​
Hi! I did exactly this, but the free trial option is not available once I open the client and the game. Any help would be appreciated!