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Flux variants


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Curious on anyone's thoughts about having different variations of flux for the levels of flux we currently have.

For example Dense flux could have multiple variations that could yield different stats when crafting so people can better tune their gear and items to their play style.

Having the addition of more variety of stats to choose from when crafting based of the type of flux you choose, could add more hit or pen, AC, weight reduction ( more than it currently does ), weapon dmg, healing, haste etc.

This could also be a regular flux that we obtain and we could then take certain reagents to make that flux different. Then use that newly crafted type of flux to add to our crafted items to give certain stats etc that can better match one's playstyle and the type of stats they'd like to have.

Just trying to think out of the box a little on ways we can add more variety and versatility, especially when it comes to crafting.