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Feedback Flatworms

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is this feedback?

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The idea sounds nice on paper:
Every now and then you come across small, cute, colourful creatures that you have to catch - and they grant you a buff.

The reality is different (for me anyway):
You run after these critters for minutes on end and it's just no fun.

For me, this meant that I simply started to ignore them, they just didn't seem worth the hassle.

Yesterday's patch was supposed to make it easier to catch them, so I gave it another try.

Shortly after I logged in, I discovered one - so I went after it.

It took me about a minute to catch up to it - and I was close enough that I was sure: Gotcha!
But no - it just kept on flying.

So I took up the chase again.
Another minute passed.

Then the terrain went slightly uphill (I don't think I need to explain to anyone what that means).

By now three minutes had passed and meanwhile I had an angry stag on my butt - so I just gave up the chase.

The problem with flatworms is:
- They show up so infrequently that catching them would already feel like an accomplishment even if they were moving slowly or not moving at all.
- They move too fast and it takes far too long to catch up with them.
- They move through hostile wildlife - which you either ignore (and run the risk of being overwhelmed by multiple mobs) or fight (and fall behind).
- The catch radius is (still) too small.
- In the end, you simply lose too much time trying to get their buff - especially if they are flying in the opposite direction to your actual destination.

I would be interested to know if there are any players who actually enjoy this mini game.
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As if to mock me, I experienced the exact opposite today:

I had just finished fighting a bear on my way to the wolf cave in Meadowlands when I spotted a red flatworm about 30 metres away.

Normally I would have simply ignored it, but as it was right in my path to the cave, I just ran towards it and then over it.

I looked around in confusion (because normally they outwit you and fly away), then checked my buff bar - and to my surprise I got the buff.

The whole endeavour, from spotting the flatworm to getting the buff, took less than 10 seconds - probably the fastest catch of a flatworm ever.

I had to laugh because it felt so surreal....

I admit I dislike them a little less now.