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[Feedback/Impression] Playing Warlord (Lvl 20)


New Member
I don't know where to start. Since I reached yesterday Lvl 20 with my Warlord I thought it might be a good time to write down some impressions and thoughts:


General impression:
Why did I choose Warlord? I do like a versatile class that supports your allies. This is where this class truly shines. It has a lot of skills to support and help your allies. You get a good set of buffs and debuffs at your disposal and the fear as CC skill.
I do like that you, as a Warlord, need to make a decision on which skills to pick based on your adventures ahead. Because in my eyes, not all skills are solo viable (/efficient).

First Aid all day long mixed with a health potion let you stay for minutes in combat against 2-3 (blue-green 1chev Mobs). Sure kill speed is low but you rarely find yourself in a situation where you need to run or use fear.
Also due to your high survivability, you can take on solo one blue 2chev Mobs or 1-2 green 2chev Mobs (Grub bats I look at you :eyes: ). Sometimes even a green (non-named) 3chev Mob.
Further, the use of Stifle reduces the incoming damage which makes it easier for you to survive.
Downtime only occurs if you run out of stamina, which happens after 2-3 single mobs or a pack of 2-3 mobs (1chev).
I think the use of consumables improves your solo gameplay very well, hp-reg meat and stamina-reg tea, and don't forget the physical-res and hp potion.
=> :full_moon: :full_moon: :full_moon: :full_moon: :full_moon:

That's the drawback of this class. The kill speed is terrible. And you need some good hit values. Because one of your offensive skills (Open Wound) grants you a chance on hit to do extra damage.
For solo play, the staff is the weapon of your choice.
My solo rotation is:
1. Stifle (hast reduction)
2. Open Wound ( provide extra damage on successful damage role)
3. Assailling Strike (if stamina allows it ( aka >one cast of First Aid))
4. First Aid (if hp is below a max role )
Usually, the mob is dead when both debuffs run out until then repeat with 3&4.

Here is where the Warlord shines, with many buffs and debuffs he brings to the table. Let me list them along with some thoughts.
* First Aid: fine single target heal (base class skill)
* Rejuvenating Hymn: HP reg group HoT. The HoT is very very stamina efficient but has (lackluster hps on a single target). After doing some math I would say group plays only skill when 2+ party members are taking damage. The skill has to compete with Energizing Battle Chant for a skill bar slot.

* Screen: single target Dmg Resistance Buff, quite useful in my eyes. The "Problem" is that you can't cast it on yourself. (base class skill)
* Energizing Battle Chant: Stamina reg group HoT a USP (sorry for the sales speak - Unique Selling Point) for the Warlord.
* Focusing Battle Chant: +Hit for the Group. Not too sure how good it is. I see it currently as a group play buff if the group faces high-level mobs, or a lot of debuffs like Open Wound are used.
* Rallying Call: +Hast group buff Must have in my eyes (doe this stack with the berserker Fury? :rolleyes: )

* Assailing Strike: armor reduction and main damage skill but it generates extra thread! So be aware that it will bring you quite some unwanted attention (base class skill)
* Open Wound: On hit chance to do extra damage all party members have a chance to trigger it. Useful in solo and group play.
* Stifle: Single target damage skill and reduces the target hast -> reduces the incoming damage. Useful in solo and group play.
* Dread Below: It's the only AoE debuff the Warlord has, reduces the hit and penetration of up to 6 enemy targets.
* Flinching Strike: Single target damage skill and reduces the block/parry/avoid chance of the target. (Lvl 34 Warlord) It doesn't decrease the incoming damage like Stifle but it increases the outgoing damage of the whole group. So it looks like a Warlord might need the exchange Flinching Strike with Stifle occasionally.

* Terror of War: single target fear, which I use in case I'm already running to increase the distance and trigger that the mob returns and leaves me alone.
* Frightful Visage: Well we know how good group fear is working ... scream and then scream while running away from the legion of enemies returning to you. :p

Slow but steady.

With more and more skills at your disposal, you quickly have to make decisions about which skill to use within your limited skill bar. If you like to put your allies above yourself and do big damage then this is your class. As a Warlord, you bring two unique buffs to the table: Stamina-Reg HoT and the haste buff (some might remember the WoW discussion about why his group didn't get a Shamy with WF totem :p)
Further, I like the aesthetic of the banner.
I look forward how fights play out with the full skill set available against high-level named mobs.