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QA February 15th


Stormhaven Studios
  • Item categorization added to most items. We're still working through this, but most of the functionality should be in. Item border colors, name colors, etc should help you better compare items of a similar level.
  • Buff/Debuff frame is now colored based on if it is a buff (blue) or debuff (red).
  • Loot roll UI highlight indicating the top object is now a gradient to avoid color clashing with item names.
  • Split meadowlands Quillback task into two separate ones to avoid confusion.
  • Adjusting animal tags for tasks (insects are now animals)
  • Update the scene loading procedure to fix issues with some lights and particle systems not respecting the day/night conditions.
  • Adding a lock button to chat windows. Removed the time icon.
  • New resize cursors for when a window is locked.
  • Added a time icon to the upper right icons.
  • Swapped lock and settings icon on the group window for consistency with other windows
  • Adjusted targeting reticle sizes for rats, quillbacks, frogs, and mires.
  • Adjusted targeting reticle sizes for ant hills and rat nests.
  • Simplify primary/secondary weapon visuals on your equipment UI. Added a keybind label as well between the two pairs of slots.
  • Login server back end work to support the upcoming free trial.
More questions than actual testing....


Apologies if its somewhere else:
So its: Mythical, Relic, Superior, Advanced, [Common]
Imbued (crafted) and Unique?


I think having Imbued appear to be a colour between Relic and Superior is going to cause confusion.
Perhaps use something away from the GBIV of ROYGBIV for Imbued?
It might be more intuitive then.



Both of these are crafted items.

1708071158547.png 1708071268094.png
Not quite sure why one has a brown frame and one had a grey frame.


The Lock position is magnificent.
It has triggered another right mouse functionality thought for me though, perhaps the same functionality on items in the paperdoll, so you can lock those mythics and relics (or whatever) in your paperdoll with a little lock to remind you to right click to unlock them again.

Big call just before a final Feb build but maybe a suggestion for March?

Overall so much good in this patch.
- locks
- colours becoming intuitive (except as above) for various grades already

Great in lieu of an inspection system when I can ask someone, how many purples they have, how many blues etc, not to bully them but to see how they can be helped.
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I think having Imbued appear to be a colour between Relic and Superior is going to cause confusion.

I replied in discord but ill mention it here as well:

Imbued is equal to Superior in color and power, the colors are exactly the same. While crafted gear has yet to be re-aligned to the system the intent will be that everything made with flux would all be Superior in quality. We changed the description however to include information regarding the flux used in the crafting process. So for example: Pants may be "Minor Imbued" as its category is equal to lvl 1 Superior (lvl 1 flux used). Pants may be "Lesser Imbued" as its category is equal to lvl 10 Superior (lvl 10 flux used).Pants may be "Imbued" as its category is equal to lvl 20 Superior (lvl 20 flux used).
ok cool, sorry for wasting time asking all the questions, things were working fine in game and I was just trying to understand
No worries I should've completed my writeup on all this sooner, but we wanted to get the colors out and get all the feedback!