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LIVE February 14th; what's new?


Stormhaven Studios
What's new?
This week brings no new player facing content to Live. However, our backend API has been upgraded allowing us to manage servers across multiple machines - which was the last step to getting QA up and running.

Our plan is to open the QA server tomorrow with a long list of changes. The QA server schedule is still being nailed down but the tentative plan is to have it open on Wednesday afternoon through Thursday so that we can get your feedback during the community meetings. In addition, we will spin up a new section of the forums specifically for QA patch notes and bugs/feedback reporting. More details tomorrow!
Just want to say that the community meeting was very interesting.
I greatly appreciate the changes and the additions are looking very good.

That red mane prowler model, wow.
Thats a massive zone, impressive.

Perhaps some 3D models will be sold in the shop one day.
Maybe even sell us 3D models of our own characters or limit it to models of each High <class>.
What an incentive to be the High Warden model :)