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Feedback Feature Request - Customizable Hotkey Bar for /commands - Additional /commands

is this feedback?


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Customizable Hotkey Bar

It would be extremely helpful if we could create our own hotkey buttons, perhaps on a new hotkey bar.
Some examples of what would be nice to be able to do with this feature,

- A /bag button so you can drag a bag a little easier
- The ability to create larger Combat, Sit and Torch buttons. Depending on resolution, these can be super small
- Create chat macros to tell your group what to focus on, or if something is getting crowd controlled to avoid it, or even allowing the macro to cast an ability and say the text to notify the group what you are doing. This option is actually very versatile and could be used for colorful group chat and making communicating easier about what the group should be doing for tough encounters.

Additional /commands

/assist - to enable it to be entered into the aforementioned Hotkey bar)
/doability <#> - to enable it to be entered into the aforementioned Hotkey bar)
/follow <name> - Allow your character to follow someone in your party for those long distance runs
/loc - To get coordinates of where you are on the map (maybe tie the ability to do this to a cartography quest for each zone)
/played - Gives you the birthdate & hours played w/ your character.
/target <player> - Makes player your defensive target

Thank you for reading.

I'm on board for this idea, stinks to have all of these abilities and be limited to what can be used or have to switch them out constantly depending on what you are doing.

Chat macros and basic macros of any kind would be huge too, frustrating to not have some basic chat functions in the game to do your own hot buttons, granted with such limited space you couldn't use them anyways.
Something really small that should be very easily implemented. A bindable hotkey for /bag. Bag dragging is super painful currently. Unless thats on purpose.