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Embers Adrift Quick Guide for new players


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A combination of Undone's and AdricLives' quick guides for new players. (EDIT: We now have Merchants in most places. Some tables may still be active in certain places).

In-game tips
  • Press alt and hovering over abilities allows you to see their range as a decal around your character, and the next tier of improvement (orange letters/numbers) to your abilities as you level.
  • F11 to remove the UI, f12 for screenshots
  • N to remove nameplates
  • To improve performance in the Beta build, test the vegetation settings, shadow settings, and frame rate limiter.
  • If you later decide that you do not like the role initially chosen, never fear! Simply open up your skills window (J by default), right click on the circular icon for your role or spec and select "Forget". This will leave you role-less or spec-less, but picking one up is free at the nearest Trainer NPC. That brings us to our next topic: the various interactives you may find useful throughout the game. A specialization will eventually catch up with your role. Though we have merchants in most places you may still encounter active interactable objects. Visually they look like this:
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    Tool Rack.pngShared Bank.png
  • a) Ember Ring - this is probably the most important "interactive" on this list. Simply standing near an ember ring heals wounds that have accumulated during your adventures. They also accelerate your health regeneration so it's a good idea to rest up near one whenever possible. Keep an eye out for them in your travels; they should be relatively easy to spot with their plume of energy reaching for the sky.
  • b) Anvil - right click on this object to open the repair window. Here you can use the different buttons to repair items on your character or items in your bag, or, select individual items to repair. Highlight over any piece of gear to see the repair cost, and click to repair. Right click or close the repair window to leave repair mode.
  • c) Personal Stash- right click on this box to access your Personal Stash. Goods stored here are only accessible by the current character - not shared across your account. These can be found throughout the world. Right click on the coins to bring up the deposit window to store coin in your bank as well. Note that most of the starting equipment cannot be placed in the bank. Click the purchase button to buy an additional sow of storage space at the listed price.
  • d) General Merchant - right click on this table to access the general goods merchant. Here you will find things useful to your adventure such as potions, smelling salts, and arrows.
  • e) Weapon Shop - right click on this rack of weapons to bring up a merchant that will sell you a variety of weapons. You can also sell to this merchant by dropping your own wares into the upper empty slots and hitting "sell"
  • f) Role Trainer - right click on this table to access the role trainer. If you decide to forget your initially chosen role you can select a new role at this table at no cost to you.
  • g) Crafting Table
  • h) Crafting tool rack/merchant
  • i) Shared Bank - This chest is a bank shared between all characters on your account. It is currently found outside the gates of Newhaven City until the City is open for business at which point they will only be found inside the city. Right click on the coins to bring up the deposit window to store coin in your bank as well. Note that most of the starting equipment cannot be placed in the bank. Click the purchase button to buy an additional sow of storage space at the listed price.
  • To enter and exit combat stance use [Z]. Combat in Embers Adrift starts by selecting an enemy ( [TAB], [Left-Click]) and attacking them with an ability on your action bar (1-6), [Right-clicking] a target in range to engage auto-attacking (this also works on a non-targeted enemies), by pressing the [`/~] key in range of a selected target, or by clicking the left-most square on your action bar (a blue border in this square tells you currently have auto-attacking engaged. Note that with weapons drawn your character will move slower so it is advised that when traveling from place to place, or running away, one should sheath their weapons [Z]. Most everything on your action bar should have a tooltip. Hovering over auto-attack or one of your abilities should give information to determine if you can use that skill, or if not, why you cannot. Roles all come with an alternate set of weapons equipped; switching between these weapon sets is done with the [x] key by default. Equipment/Inventory is accessed via the "i" key by default. the bag is accessed by the key.
    [*]Being choosy in which enemies you engage in combat will increase your chance of survival. Enemy nameplates indicate their difficulty in two ways. The first is the number of chevrons ^ next to their name. 1x chevron means that it is tuned for a single player, 2x chevrons means that it is tuned for a small group, and 3x chevrons indicates that is tuned for a full group. Secondly is the color of previously mentioned chevrons. Yellows, oranges, and reds indicate a high difficulty, while blues, greens, and dark grays indicate a lower difficulty. Light gray indicates an even difficulty.
    [*]The Newhaven Guards have checkpoints throughout the Southern areas; if you get into trouble and can make it to one of these checkpoints the guards should assist you. Once you cross North of the wall however, checkpoints become sparse. Inevitably, at some point, you will fall in combat. When this happens and you have group mates nearby do not "Give up"! They will have an opportunity to bring you back up through the use of smelling salts or bandages. If you find yourself having to give up, your bag is left behind and you will awake at the nearest discovered hallow (hallow is a respawn point and discovery is done by walking near an ember ring or hallow) with a considerable amount of wounds. It is highly recommended that you rest up at an ember ring before venturing out to retrieve your bag. When without a bag, you will see a skull and crossbones on your nameplate indicating that you are missing your belongings. In addition, you should see an arrow indicator appear on your portrait pointing in the direction of your bag. Finally, without a bag you will be unable to perform interactions with players, banks, merchants, nor loot enemies. To retrieve your bag find it in the wild and right click it. As a last resort you may forfeit your bag (you will lose all belongings and coins inside) and get a new one by right clicking the skull and crossbones icon and selecting "forfeit bag". For this reason it is advisable to use your bank frequently to store currency and other belongings you don't wish to lose while out adventuring.

    [*]Quick tips:
    [*]All keys can be rebound via the game's options menu
    [*]Some equipment has a "Weight Cost" associated with it. Note your "armor weight" allowance in the inventory panel (under the blue shield). If you exceed this value your character will suffer some nasty penalties in the form of slower movement, slower cooldowns, etc.
    [*]The v key (unbound by default, feel free to re-bind it) changes the camera to the fixed over-the-shoulder mode. If you get in a situation where you feel the camera is acting odd, hit V to see if you had accidentally toggled yourself into this mode.
    [*]Use the social tool (o by default) to assist you in finding a group or getting more for your group; click the LFG box to show up in the Looking For Group list and don't forget to refresh it now and again. You can right-click on players names to send a tell or invite them directly.
    [*]Abilities get more powerful as you level up. Hold alt while looking at an ability tooltip to see what changes in the next tier.
    [*]Some abilities' long term effects expire after X number of hits (stun, daze). This means that these abilities will stay on the NPC until either the number of hits occurs, OR the time elapses. This means that in order for stun to be effective you should stop hitting it!
    [*]Right click on the circle of your nameplate (upper left) and select "Change Portrait" to select a portrait to represent your avatar!
    [*]Finally, AdricLives has put together a small "pocket guide" with some other helpful tips for playing Embers Adrift:
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how determinative is gear really in this game? very? or are there like advantages for going topless as in the trailer too for example ;more speed?etc :p
how determinative is gear really in this game? very? or are there like advantages for going topless as in the trailer too for example ;more speed?etc :p
Gear is needed yet your not really gonna get people stressing that you dont have the best gear. There will normally be more equipment slots than you can wear gear. You will have to mix and match to find your best setup so a high likelyhood you will find a bracelet you want to wear over that breastplate.