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Embers Adrift Press Release 12.17.21


Executive Producer
Stormhaven Studios

12.17.21 — Stormhaven Studios is excited to announce the release of the Embers Adrift Official Game Trailer on January 1, 2022, on the website homepage: www.embersadrift.com. This new self-published, privately-funded, and passionately-developed indie MMORPG comes to you from a small studio of 11 developers working hard to bring players a game made by core MMORPG gamers. Set in Newhaven after the collapse of the Southern Kingdoms, Embers Adrift takes players on an immersive, explorative journey focused on community, group-based gameplay (while not completely excluding solo play), challenging content, sandbox PvE, and, a slower-paced strategic experience.

Pre-ordered in 24+ countries already, Embers Adrift has heavily involved their pre-order players in the testing and shaping of the game by having them directly interact with the small team of developers every Wednesday at 8 pm CST / 2 am UTC for feedback. Here are a few quotes, used with permission, from the pre-order community during our last extended test in November:

  • “I had a blast over the weekend…. I will send some feedback later but just wanted to say how good the game is looking and feeling! For me, this game has always felt so close to EQ… obviously with a 2021 look!… And what I have been missing since… Slower pace of fighting… more tactical…. And the feeling of exploration, massive open spaces and a sense of danger…” - Shalana | Experienced Tester
  • ‘‘This is my first weekend on Embers Adrift, and right now I'm level 8, did a lot of battling, and even with the skillset that I currently have, I'm discovering clever ways to utilize the few abilities I have, and how to maximize their potential.” - Saints | New Tester
  • “Call this a weird analogy but I feel like I’m playing in a campaign of Dungeons & Dragons whenever I get on. The world is mine to explore and the adventures are limitless” - RhadigarTV | Experienced Tester

Stormhaven Studios will also begin releasing video of gameplay footage from Embers Adrift on their Youtube Channel (www.youtube.com/c/EmbersAdrift) soon after the release of the game trailer on January 1, 2022. In the meantime, gamers can support launch efforts and join Stormhaven Studios on their quest to design an ‘MMORPG for the players’ by pre-ordering Embers Adrift here: https://embersadrift.com/#/Store and provide feedback to the game developers during the upcoming extended test period beginning December 30, 2021, and ending January 2, 2022.

Those who pre-order on or before February 2, 2022 will receive the titles "Drifter” and “Wanderer” and will gain access into the live game 3 days before the official launch date. Those who pre-order after will receive the title "Wanderer” and gain access into the game 1 day before the official launch date.

Additionally, starting in January, the Embers Adrift servers will be open every weekend for testing to those who have pre-ordered our game on top of the weekly Wednesday test sessions with the developers at 8 pm CST / 2 am UTC. This will remain the best way for testers to interact directly with the developers and provide feedback on the game.

For more information, visit https://www.embersadrift.com/#/ or view the Embers Adrift press kit. Get in on the development by joining the Embers Adrift NDA Discord section (available when you pre-order) and NDA forums.

About Embers Adrift & Stormhaven Studios:
This started out as a passion project in 2014 when the founders decided MMORPGs had a lot more to offer than what was currently on the market. Because of this, Stormhaven Studios set out to develop a new and innovative MMO that offers immersive, group-based content in a PvE realm where new and old MMO players alike can forge lasting memories. Working alongside our community of core MMORPG players, consulting with industry experts, and pouring our passion and love for games into the project, the Embers Adrift indie team is excited to give a sneak peek into the wonder of ember and rediscovery in our world. Stay tuned for more on this epic adventure in 2022!

Media Contact:
Public Relations Team, Stormhaven Studios