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Embers Adrift for Dummies?


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Been playing for two days, and today I got a group together and we went and fought some bandits. It's been a long time since I've formed a group organically in the wild in any MMO, it was a blast! I hit level six and am ready to specialize, but I'm being stubborn about it. I want to do the cave quest before going into the city.
That said, I have a lot of catching up to do. Just like every game or MMO, there's Jargon, mechanics, and other things that aren't obvious. Heck just be reading the Beginner's Guide I learned about Ember Drifts and such. They sound so cool!

I'm mainly referring to some of the things I see in chat. basic LFG messages are easy enough to understand, but I also see things like "EV." Is there a list somewhere of what all this means? If not, would someone be so kind as to fill me in? I'm totally stoked to keep playing this game, there's a certain cozy nature to the group gameplay that I have totally been missing. I want more!
I don't think anyone has done a glossary but this may help:

or more broadly: https://embers-adrift.wiki/wiki/Main_Page
Plenty of info/beginer guides posted here already you just have to look for them. There's also like 6 different wikis made by people who don't play the game anymore lol. Marcus listed one another is beesofknowledge
I still need to do my first :D Only entered once to the bat EV in Northreach but was not able to do much