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Elloa's Twitch Stream - Wednesday 25th - The search, the whispers, the (mis)adventure ....


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(Elloa let me choose the location for this stream, so let us set the scene)

Marcus noticed that you couldn't walk around the city anymore without the whispers echoing off the walls.

Ember, ember, ember, alchemist, Others, alchemy....

Everywhere you went, the same topics were being discussed, with voices sounding both confused and a little scared.

Something was still missing, some piece of the puzzle.
And being the headstrong fool that he was, Marcus decided he would discover it.

There was talk of creatures in the canyons north of what we call Dryfoot, creatures rarely sighted but from all accounts much stronger than any mere mortal.
Creatures that even he, with his dangerous perception of self-importance, would need help to fight.
Perhaps they hold the key...

So heading into the Ranger's guild, a call was made to his friends for assistance.

Aluna was sitting there in the corner, staring at a pile of hand drawn maps and writing down notes.
That was of course no surprise, because if you ever needed to know what was where, Aluna was the person to ask.
So after some discussions of the chances of making new discoveries, and adding to those maps, the wise and knowledgeable Aluna agreed to join in this expedition.

Looking over to the bar, the ever-smiling Elloa was fascinating the customers with her recent tales, while shuffling out pitchers of ale and spinning plates of food like she had been doing it for many, many years. After moving over to the bar, Marcus waited for the customers to all be fed and moving back to their tables, before suggesting to Elloa the opportunity of finding some new fancy trinkets to display behind the bar.

Marcus knew that Elloa was also a healer of some repute, so he also suggested the idea of finding new items to improve her art.
In a move that would shock no one, the diminutive and charismatic healer leapt over the bar and yelled out for all to hear,
"I'll be back later, I'm needed on an adventure tonight", which was of course followed by a clinking of glasses and a bout of cheering before the patrons returned to their half drunken singing.

Smarttbone, the loyal and faithful friend, was standing quietly in another corner, ready to pull out his weapon at the first sign of trouble.
Seeing his friends begin to chat excitedly, he quickly realised they would need his help.
It wouldn't be the first time they have found themselves in trouble, he thought, and he figured that he could not let them face it alone.
So staring at the three of them standing together, he grabbed his sword and stepped over.

Looking around, Marcus debated with them whether they should take up to two more with them on this journey, but scanning the bar at this hour, none seemed quite right for this task.
Perhaps two would avail themselves of this task before they left. They would consider that later.

So Marcus discussed with Aluna, Elloa and Smarttbone exactly what the plan was, i.e. to head to Dryfoot and then scour the canyon lands to its northeast.

The goal, he suggested, was to discover these creatures known by name, to defeat them and to return with items and trinkets from at least 6 of them.
Perhaps to forward the knowledge of alchemy, perhaps to better gear for the future, or perhaps simply to line their pockets and become more knowledgeable of the area.

WiIl they will find clues to the mysteries being whispered from every window around town, perhaps or perhaps not.

But they would give it their best attempt and as is usual when this group gets together, anything could happen.

(What will happen? You can find out on Elloa's twitch stream this Wednesday at the usual time.)
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But they would give it their best attempt and as is usual when this group gets together, anything could happen.
But they would give it their best attempt and as is usual when this group gets together, anything could happen.
But they would give it their best attempt and as is usual when this group gets together, anything could happen.

The words still rang in the ears of the warden.

"Well, we did not find out the secrets of alchemy", he mused, "we did not come out with very full pockets, we did not even really defeat many of the named creatures as intended, but didn't we have a good time" he thought.

"Perhaps there was the odd bag run," he pondered, " most typically caused by the dopey old warden himself, but once the group became familiar with each other's skills we certainly gelled well and really discovered some wonderful things".

"We even had an ability book drop, but after all the fracas, and all the excitement, we still somehow managed to exit this dangerous zone safely, with great experience, many quests done, and didn't the time fly."

Having retired back to the Rangers guild, Marcus took another sip of the ale, mused further over the events and was very happy with seeing friends nearby, all of them with many more tales to tell.

Aluna has returned to her maps, making frantic scrawls.

Elloa was back behind the bar, spinning plates, smiling at customers, and regaling them with stories of the canyons.

Smarttbone, looking over the scene from his usual place, had a large grin on his face.

They didn't just survive another day, they lived it.

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You might be wondering why this post exists.
It's a thank you to the group of friends that I have spent maybe 70 nights with over the past year.

Discovering new zones, chasing rare loot, falling flat on our faces (many many times lol), but most importantly having a great time.
Whatever happens in the future, I wanted to mark this anniversary with a thank you to them, and this felt like the best way.

So happy anniversary good friends, in 10 years from now, in 20 years from now ( I hope), I'll still look back fondly on the first year we had in this game.
How lucky I was to see Lazy Peon's video, and go "hell yeh".

Slainte, Prost, Skal, Cheers, Cin Cin, Kanpai, Sante, Salud.

Thanks for a great year.
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