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Dungeon Schedule - let's organise ourselves


Stormhaven Studios
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Greetings Community

I originally planned to organize this DUNGEON SCHEDULE for our Anniversary Celebrations (suggestions from Arcx ) but I think we need to do this now.
We are a small community, and this can be a problem for players that play on offtime or are not part of an active guild.
The developers are working tirelessly to add more content, and improve the overall game but this take time and we need immediate solutions to organize fun playtime for our current players and encourage other players to join the fun even if it's only for a couple of evenings here and there.

This is a Google Spreadsheet that will help us to organize Dungeon runs up to 2 weeks in advance. I will be using this schedule to organize events on Discord and promote those events in the LFG chat. I need volunteers to sign up this sheet and take upon them to organize groups. I will in return promote your events to the best of my capabilities

Screenshot (1012).png


  • If you want to lead a group, sign up the sheet with the time (CDT - Austin time), the dungeon +level, your Discord name (character name -class) and the number of slots available.
  • If you are streaming, mention it and add your address for some free self promotion.
  • If you want to use Voice Chat add the group chat you will be using
  • A proper group need to have 1 Def, 1 Sup, 1 Str + 3 randoms (do not be picky)
  • I will be publishing the Schedule in advance on Discord and our forums, and create a specific event on Discord for each Dungeon run.


  • If you want to join a group and save your spot, contact the leader in advance on Discord (private message) or in game.
  • You can also show up in game at the right time and contact the leader in game, in the case there is a spot open left.

We can complain all we want that our community is small, this will not summon more players and will not make us enjoy our playtime.
However, organizing ourselves more efficiently, being proactive and organizing events will help active players to spent a good time together and that may bring back some friends.
Remember that the subscription is now optional. You have a good argument to convince your friends to come and join your Dungeon event, even if they do not play regularly!

I hope this help!

- Elloa
I cant bring Stumpy along for the Oct 1st.. he is 16 Jugg atm will problay still be that on the 1st haha. When i play Embers i stream so mine will be live
Do not hesitate to organise your own events and add them to the list. That's the whole point of this initiative!! :)