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Design a quest that you think would be fun using existing game mechanics


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I thought it might be fun for some of you creative types to post quest ideas and possible rewards for completing them. Who knows maybe the developers will see yours and think it would work and add it into the game sometime in the future. That would definitely be cool.

I will start it off.

The Dirty Rat!

Quest begins in Newhaven Valley and is for level 1-10

The player speaks to a hunter NPC that will be placed at the first camp. When a player interacts with this Hunter the NPC will say to the player,

" I was sent to rid the Valley of its rat infestation. You see the rats are starting to leave the ruins and enter the city in larger numbers and they are bringing a sickness with them. As you may well know Drifter we can ill afford to lose people to sickness especially in these trying times! I fear though that I have accepted a task that seems impossible since the rats never seem to stop reproducing. Can you aid me and slay some rats? Twenty would be a huge help and for your trouble I am sure the city could find something useful for you in your adventures."

Upon completion the NPC will say " Well done drifter, Newhaven is in your debt. I have been told by the Academy the sickness is slowing. Please except this as a token of our appreciation."

Rewards: Choose one of several different Ember imbued weapons level 1-10.

This would give starter characters a decent weapon to get them to level 10 and possibly beyond and make their leveling experience a little better in the beginning.
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Here's another one,

The Roads Less Traveled!

Quest begins in the Meadowlands and is for 10-20 Note: the player must have done the starting area quest "To Make A Map"

At the first camp you come to you will meet the Quest NPC: Gilden "Farstrider" Talbern (Same guy that gives you the quest "To Make A Map") in Newhaven Valley.

After speaking with him he says " Oh nice to see you again drifter, perhaps you could help me out with this new map I am making. I would do it myself, but I have found these roads treacherous for ill prepared travelers. You look like you can handle anything that might come along though. I need someone to travel these roads and bring that info back to me so that I may finish my maps of this area. What do you say drifter?"

The player then travels the roads throughout the Meadowlands and must reach several waypoints to get credit for completing the quest. Once completed he or she returns to Gilden, and Gilden tells the player " Splendid! this information you brought back will allow me to finish my maps of the roads throughout the Meadowlands. I see those boots I gave you earlier are a bit ragged now, here have a new pair."

The player then gets their reward.

Rewards: A new upgraded pair of Cartographers Boots +10 to Movement Debuffs, +10 to Movement, Armor Class 6 and Durability 1425
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I've just always been a fan of the ones that stay in your quest log for a long, long time. Like collecting a large amount of rare drops from a broad variety of mobs in different locations.

Prefer clear but difficult goals, rather than obtuse but easy.
The Striker

Quest begins in Newhaven Valley and is for level 1-6

The player speaks to a striker NPC that will be placed at the first camp.
When a player interacts with this NPC they will say to the player,

Hello young striker, you look confused.

Are you unsure of your path in life?

Do you like to wander the hills and valleys alone, exploring more so than killing?
Do you prefer to wield an axe quickly and bring down the pain instantly, then rest and do it again?
Do you prefer to sneak up on your enemy, distract them, then knife them in the back?

You are not sure.
Well perhaps I can help you decide.
Do you wish that?


If the player says yes, they are given Lay of The Land, the Berserker first AOE skill and the Brigand Stun skill to place on their toolbar.

The NPC will then say.

Go find yourself young one.

Once you reach a decision, you will then be able to determine your own path.
Declare yourself as a Warden, Berserker or Brigand when the time is right, and then assist us all.

Enjoy this boon and use it to determine your future.


Once the player chooses a subclass these 3 skills are removed.

Repeat for healer and tanky tanky.
Yes I'm going to continue suggesting this. :)