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Defender's Armor Durability

Ravenwolf Silvermoon

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Hello. Was wondering if anyone else noticing Defenders Armor are taking a beating more rapidly then normal. Repair cost seems ok or decent I think, just seem I am repairing to often compared to my Striker and my Supporter. The durability is getting eaten up by melee attacks to fast imo. Am wearing all crafted armor and its getting beat up fairly fast vs melee mobs (smugglers, exiles, and animals/wildlife mobs. What have you guys/gals noticed?

I do not mind the repair cost, just feels like I am repairing every 30 minutes in game when my armor gets damaged 1/3 to 1/2 durability after few encounters (10 encounters).
Yes I think a few things have contributed to this, I've already gone ahead and done a balance pass on this today. Durability values will be higher next week.
Thanks Adric. I was shocked after playing in a group with my Defender when I noticed that my crafted shield, as well as other pieces, was in danger of being broken. I ran to the repair shop as quickly as I could.
Hello. Have noticed a big difference since. Even after getting beat up and being defeated (backpack recovery), it seems to be a big difference compared to last weekend test build.
Was going to post a pic for comparison from previous (last weekend build, but I do not have it). Spent about an hour exploring, battling the smugglers & wildlife and in the dungeon, got beat up a lot and defeated. This is screenshot just before I repaired my gear. Overall, the Defenders should be happy with this.
Repair & Durability 02.jpg
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I thought it would be interesting if a specific support class can reinforce durability (provide protection to durability) with a certain skill with very high cooldown (like 30 min) and another supporter class can actually repair armor with a skill (this might be 50 min to 1 hour cooldown). It would be more or less a temporary effect and you should get proper repairs from the anvil. Would actually show supporter has multiple ways to "support" more than just heals and buffs.

This would probably require materials/reagents as well. I say high cooldowns and materials so they can't abuse this and make it too easy. One can say a defender's reagents is their armor durability.