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December 28th


Stormhaven Studios
Characters copied over from live as of December 28th @ 9:30AM Central Time.
  • Fixed damage issues with named mob "Echo"
  • Fixed an issue with Alchemy I/II activation UI bubbles not refreshing when swapping abilities on your bar.
  • Slightly increased speed while crouched
  • Updated the client to a new engine version (changed major revisions from 2021.3 to 2022.3. In theory this should provide rendering fixes, crash fixes, and general performance improvements. (Note that the server remains on 2021.3 so that we can independently validate that the client is ok)
Please test this new client by simply playing the game as you normally would and reporting any oddities you might find. We need to identify performance regressions and/or major issues with the new engine version before we can move forward with it. I have opened up QA for non-subscribers for the time being. Thanks!