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Hot Fix December 21st


Stormhaven Studios
Client-only hot fix! Download at your leisure.
  • Fixed some rock colliders bugs in Grizzled Peaks.
  • Additional fixes to framerate drops in dungeons (including Ember Veins). Tuesday's patch was meant to address this problem; but recent /reports led me to find more code paths that I had not previously accounted for. Pretty sure I got them all this time around...
I also just want to say thank you for implementing the new EV this month. The aesthetics are pretty simple and what we would expect from dungeons in Embers but the design is really great. Having a solo, duo and group loop is great and the group loop is especially dense with mobs and challenging encounters. It's nice that we're starting to fill that content cliff at 30+. This new EV combined with the 5 EE Alch change has the game feeling superb.

I'm excited to see what the new year brings. Thank you for all of your hard work and I hope yall feel refreshed and inspired going into 2024.