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QA December 12th


Stormhaven Studios
Character's migrated as of December 11th at 11pm Central time.
  • Fixed a number of stuck spots throughout the world.
  • Fixed level 50 augment crafting the wrong output items.
  • Increase power of Grizzled Peaks boss items
  • Improved loot distribution for Arkhos and Vengeful Mangrove
  • Remove negatives from Chitin and Full Plate gear.
  • Readjust rapiers to be 1-handed weapons.
  • Adjusted glacial weapons Great Sword & Daggers to have stats that align better with positionals
  • Reduce average number of Flask Reagent drops, increase Numbing Agent, Ichor, and Dose.
  • Added Chameleon Stalkers in Redshore Ridge
  • Increase Anthill and Ratnest loot draws
  • Updated the pre-order Ember Swords to be back in line with current itemization levels.
  • Guts and Brace Alchemy I now resists all damage types instead of increasing the amount resisted.
  • Shields have increased threat modifiers. This is meant to better separate tanks and off-tanks without sacrificing 2H tank damage.
  • Marshal's Pressure increased threat modifier.
  • Juggernaut Perforate increase threat modifier.
  • Juggernaut Roar reduced range.
  • Increased 1^ XP by 20% (2^ still give more xp)
  • Increased 2^ XP by 10% (3^ still give more xp)
  • Removed some audio reverb zones in Northreach
  • EV Updates:
    • Fixed a bug that was causing some severe slowdown at times. This could also potentially reduce stuttering in the overworld at times.
    • New EV added to Grimstone Canyon (not yet accessible to players)
    • Improved position of previous high level EV in Grimstone Canyon
    • Drolsc EV "Earthquake" effect changed damage type to properly trigger effects like Overprovision.
    • Removed EV spawn locations near Quest locations Redshore Ridge
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Reduce average number of Flask Reagent drops, increase Numbing Agent, Ichor, and Dose.
Verified for Flask (decreased amount), Numbing Agent (increased amount)
Added Chameleon Stalkers in Redshore Ridge
These were fun. I liked that they came and found me. The loot on them (ant nest like) was interesting as well.