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Curious about ground torches


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I have stated in the past that ground torches not only provide illumination but also speeds up your recovery rates. I have also heard others say that it is only for illumination. First I find it odd that in a game where you have torches and lanterns that illuminate quite well that you would also have ground torches which do the exact same thing. So the other day I rested with no ground torch active and watched my health regen. Then I repeated the test with a ground torch. I also did a few more test using drinks and food both with and without ground torches. Now maybe I am just fooling myself but ground torches do indeed seem to speed up recovery.

Also ground torches can both be crafted and are also drops which again lead me to believe that they offer some kind of benefit to the player other than just illumination. So I am asking players who use ground torches, do you notice a difference in your recovery rates when using a ground torch as opposed to not using one? If it turns out that they do what I think they do and also aid in recovery then I would think everyone should keep some of these handy at all times.

6/25/23 Update: I just noticed in game that one of the pieces of advice that is displayed on the screen says " Ground torches make great temporary camps" and what happens when you are in a camp? You recover health and stamina faster!
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