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Corpse Decay & Permissions


I'd like to offer a few suggestions based on my time hunting that I think would make for a better experience overall for players:

1. Prevent corpses from decaying — or extend the decay time when ...​

a) there are players close to it. This is likely subjective, but to me, the decay timers seem too fast atm such that I feel like I have to rush to harvest things before they disappear on me. I have not timed it but I frequently have corpses vanish on me while attempting to get to them to harvest.

b) it's actively being harvested. This is another frequent occurrence, but it goes without saying that corpses shouldn't just disappear while you're interacting with the object.

2. Allow looted corpses to be harvested by anyone without further delay so they are not left lying around unnecessarily.​

If a corpse has been looted but not harvested, it's very likely because the player didn't want to or didn't have the skill to harvest it. We needn't wait to harvest these and dispose of them.

Just a few suggestions.