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Content Creators meeting on Discord - Sun 25 of June at 3pm CDT (10pm CET)


Stormhaven Studios
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Dear Content Creator

I’m organizing this week a little meeting for us to gather and discuss, right after the Trade Fair. I do believe that none of you is streaming during that time, it’s the NA afternoon and the EU evening so the meeting should be accessible to most.

This will be a very simple roundtable:
  • Introducing ourselves to each others
  • Feedback from the Open Weekend
  • Brainstorming ideas for future events
  • Brainstorming ideas for the next patch
  • How to support each others
  • How can I serve you better
  • And whatever you come up with

Hope to see many of you for this event. If the meeting is a success, this is something that I will organize regularly (maybe once a month)

If you are a content creator, or an aspiring Embers Adrift content creator (on Youtube, Twitch or any platform of your choosing) be sure to join our Discord server and to PM me to request access. The Content Creators is a private subgroup within our Discord community with private channels of discussion and forums. That’s the place where we organize ourselves.