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Congratulations to Lethal and Eryola!


Stormhaven Studios

Dear Community!

Let’s take a moment to celebrate Lethal and Eryola who both reach lvl 50 on the 3rd of April 2023, a little less than 6 months after the release of the game! Eryola is the first duelist to reach lvl 50, and Lethal is the second berserker to reach lvl 50.

Leveling to max level in Embers Adrift is no small feat. It requires a lot of dedication, patience, determination, and a will to traverse many obstacles and difficulties! The first players to reach max level have truly been pioneers! They have blazed the first trail through the forest to allow those following in their footsteps to have an easier time.

This not only deserves praise and congratulations, but also our thanks! Lethal and Eryola, have always shared their feedback and their feelings on different matters in the game, backed up with their experience, allowing us to refine the experience!

But for them, it is primarily a story of friendship. They insisted on taking the screenshot together with their friends Darktear, Mist and Mul.

“It hasn’t been a race and never should have been. I would like to open the title of High Duelist, to every duelist that reaches level 50.” Said Eryola. “It is all about the journey, isn’t it? Anyone who has reached the max level deserves the title, no matter when he did it. It is the same amount of work and you have to be good at your class and have a lot of dedication. I would be okay sharing my title for my class as I see everyone else that is lvl 50 as a fellow master.”

“I spent a lot of time helping others level up to ensure my friends were never left behind.”
Adds Lethal. “However, the friends I made while playing Embers Adrift made my journey to level 50 Berserker possible, and I wouldn’t have enjoyed the grind without them!”

This perfectly illustrates what we wanted to create with Embers Adrift. An adventurous journey that allows you to create meaningful friendships and unforgettable memories!

Important Note: Whilst I understand the need of discussing the title question, I would like to keep this thread to congratulate and celebrate Lethal and Eryola exclusively! They have done an amazing journey to reach this point!
I will be opening a separate discussion for that matter soon. Many thanks to everyone!