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Congratulations to Brimstoke, first Juggernaut to reach max level!


Stormhaven Studios

Dear Community,

Today we are celebrating Brimstoke reaching level 50 on his Juggernaut the 5th of November. Brimstoke is the FIRST Juggernaut reaching the max level, and is therefore rewarded with the unique title Arch Juggernaut.

Many months ago, we saw the first players reaching max level. First Nautilus on his Warlord, then Quoetzl on his Knight, Eryola on her Duelist until every class got a player reaching the max level. All classes but one: the juggernaut.
At that time Juggernaut was not very popular, and many Juggernaut players changed to Marchal or Knight, which were more popular. Until Adric rebalanced the class, a few months ago, and made Juggernaut more balanced and fun to play.
That’s when a few players in the mid level range could see the title Arch Juggernaut in reach of their efforts.

Among the few high level Juggernauts, it’s Brimstoke who showed the most dedication and commitment. Let’s take a moment to congratulate Brimstoke, Arch Juggernaut, for his achievement!

"I achieved level 50 with the aid of determination, a set goal, and help from Bbqtac, Elders, Krey, Magicmike, Pewpewpew, Navar, Sirtaylor, Skev and Warduke. It's very difficult to reach level 50 by yourself so I encourage everyone to focus on grouping with others."

It is indeed a long journey than the one to max level in Embers Adrift. It is a journey that take months to achieve, and require patience, determination and the ability to collaborate with other players. And form friendships on the way.

Huge congratulations to Brimstoke again, our Arch Juggernaut!
And a reminder to every player that they obtain the title High <Class> once they reach max level in Embers Adrift.