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[Community Event] Welcoming party to the Worldbreaker newcomers


Stormhaven Studios

Hey friends!

Next weekend is the worldbreaker event. This time instead of organizing a beta testers party around the lake, I would like to set up something to welcome the newcomers and make them feel part of the family immediately. And for that I need your help and participation!

What’s the idea?
  • Crafters unite! Let’s create delicious consumables to offer our newcomers: potions, food, tea and ground torches. Especially ground torches.
  • We could also farm low level reagents
  • Let’s welcome the newcomers with a little care package and some information around the second camp in South Newhaven (Newhaven Valley) to not overcrowd the starting area but being close enough for new players to reach out after having tackled the basics by themselves.

Mentoring, any volunteers?
I also would like to organize a mentoring system through the weekend. It would be fantastic to have volunteers to create groups (1 or 2 mentor + several new players) to introduce new players to the game, give them tips and tricks, and especially show them the grouping aspect of our game.

For maximum flexibility and leaving room for improvisation, let’s use the LFG tools combined with Discord LFG and the global channel to advertise those groups and introduce new players to the best Embers Adrift has to offer. We especially want to point out the use of the LFG tool.

Who is in?
This sounds like fun. I love community events like this. I'm about to preorder the game. I haven't looked at the beta schedule yet but last I heard it was every weekend, is that still true? Hope you're all doing well and look forward to seeing you in-game and helping squash those bugs soon!
Hey hey! Our servers are open every wednesday evening at 9pm CT/Thu 3am CEST and every weekend starting the Friday at noon (CT)/Fri 7pm CEST until TUE noon (CT)/Tue 7pm CEST

But this weekend is a little bit special as we are hosting our stress test, and then the servers open the Saturday 10am CT/5pm CEST
Thank you so much @Alice_Bluu & @FeldonT to volunteer for this!! I really hope we will have many other experienced alpha/beta testers that will take a little of their time to welcome new players and make them have a great time!
It's in our best interest to all to have as many players engaged with our game and wanting to come back ;)
Plus, its always nicer if we help some other human beings to have some good time!!